In the last stage of the project, an external evaluation was done to ask teachers and trainers (the project’s target group and potential users) to evaluate the e-learning. Data were collected from 15/01/2021 to 15/02/2021. The answers helped the team fine-tune the e-learning resource and release the final version of the training path. The evaluation of the e-learning site was requested from responders regarding the following areas: 1. Module Expectations 2. Structure and Content 3. Moodle Quizzes 4. Overall Experience A specific evaluation was drafted for this purpose and the evaluators could access it directly on the e-learning. For each question, the evaluators had to give a score between 1 and 5 based on their level of satisfaction, where total dissatisfaction is associated with the value 1 and total satisfaction is associated with the value 5. This report presents the general results with the relative data, the evaluations for each module and the relative conclusions.